aka 0Z0N3

  • I live in N/A
  • My occupation is Animator
  • I am wondering Is there more than 2? Maybe there's 3 but this implies that some people answer something other than male female. I am Male
  • 4G3N70Z0N3

    I have noticed a landslide of errors in your contributions such as:

    I will happly take some time to make revisions, however make sure to check your spelling and sources.

    Thanks, 0Z0N3

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  • 4G3N70Z0N3

    Hello anyone who's taking the time out of there lives to read this.

    I joined The Nightmare Before Christmas Wiki to Fix a Lot of grammer errors.

    I'm no grammer nazi but when peple spll lke ths it mks my OCd act upp.

    I may chat from time to time but fixing these problems are my main goal.

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