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- Titans were once massive gigantic rulers of the Europe and Sibir before First Immortals and Humanity in the Age of AIG ( Ancient Ice Ghost ) the freezed most of the parts of World,they are ancestors of Giants,Golems,Trolls,Ogers,Goblins and Gremilns.They were lead by Chronos Evil Titan who gained the domminion of Europe but after from one of the Titans wound from his blood lava ash came forth First Immortals and Mountine Giants who forged elemental weapones and with Cyclops,Giants and Time Immortal they fought,killed and destroyded most of the Titans while some like Chronos were banished and imprisond on planet Jountheim in its core in Asgardian dimmension.And AIG was also banished to Jountenhime were it enjoyed to spread its Ice powers.So from Titans came First Immortals,Mountine Giants and Cyclops,from Mountine Giants came Frost,Rock,Swamp and Nephelim Giants but also Golems and from the came Trolls,Ogers,Goblins and Gremlins.

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