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Dragons are shapeshifters like Werwolfs they can change back to human

forms and reveal there True dragon forms plus they can breed with humans. - Dragons when they reaveal there True dragon forms they emit from there bodys a red or colorfull mist smoke.

There are very few rare dragons in the World exactly 15: The Dragon King Damio of Croatia,Nihoragg female dragon of Lativia,Jorumagndar dragon of Sibir,Green Old dragon of Ireland,Wayern dragon of Scotland,Fafnir dragon of Norway,Harasvelg female dragon of Estonia,Orku female dragon of Lithuania,Jersey Devil dragon of New Jersey,Chikara female dagon of Slovenia,Juto dragon of Korea,Kon dragon of China,Hishami dragon of Turkey,Grrifin dragon ( with bird wings ) of Ekvador and Bone dragon of Japan.This noble dragons fight againts alongside Councile of Legendary Figures and with 7 Holliday Leaders againts Dark Lord Draculas monster army,demons,,servants and minions such as Krampus,Dark Dragon,Ogie Boogie,Shadow and Oni demons from Underworld or Halloween Town.Dragon King Damio trained in Japan ninja martial arts and found Excalibur sword of King Arthur beacuse Damio is also decendant of Great Croatian Kings thus he is Noble and worthy heir of Arthur.Dark Dragon is only known dragon thats Evil,but also Damio is the one who Defeated and killed with Excalibur the Dark Lord Draculas body thus imprisoning his Dark Spirit in Halloween Town.

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