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- Surtur is Fire demon King and ruler of Underworld with his Ice Wolf Fenris, in Underworld he rules all demons,hellhounds,Cerberus,Charon,ghosts and skeletons.He was the enemy of Asgardians Norse Gods ( Norse Immortals who come from Pink,Black,Purple dimmension were Castel of Erbik aka Asgard with Bifrost Bridge connected to other lands ) but he was defeated and imprisond in a Cage . He has fire powers so he can throve a Fire ball on his enemys. - It is said that Surtur when he was in War wit Asgardians orderd Fenris to creat powerfull creature capale to fight and Fenris created Werwolf Species. - Fenris has Ice powers so he can freez with his Ice breath anything and he finds sutible 3 humans and turns them into his 3 Vanguard creatures: Vanguard of Earth,Air and Water and ritual on Blood Moon complet and the Way for his Master Surtur is set ,Ragnorak ( The End ) can begin.He is like other monsters,villans and foes very much known to Counclie of Legendary Figures in The World.

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