The Melting Man, known as Decomposing Guy in the trading card game, is a character from Halloween Town, who is constantly melting. He is apparently very sticky, as Jack's hand gets stuck to his head in one scene. He wears a lavender suit with a yellowish undershirt.

The Pumpkin KingEdit

He was attacked by Oogie during the invantation where Oogie tour him to place. The three places the "bog's brain" the "bone brittle" the "mucus mold"  were put on headless horses riding skeletions the fourth pieace the eye ball was left to roll on the ground. The mayor was looking for ingerdients for his lunch jack attacks and defeats the skelitains and gathers his piece thinking they were food but when they put them in the pot. The eye ball jumps in and the melting man reasimbled him self. He then reviles that oogie boogie is behind the bug invasion. To thank Jack, he helps in puling himself together and he gives him the gum shoes so he can climb up to high places.

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