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- Megalith The Necro - Creature or sometimes referd as Chutulu,Chatulu or Evil Entity is a being that fell from the sky in Red glowing meteorite around 2100 BC years ago in past ,the First Immortals along with Wizards of Yan fought hard to banish his Dark Spirit by using 4 Pure Stonse into Mirrior Dimmension in those 4 Pure Stones ,Megaliths Fizical body was Frozen and chained by Immortals and cast within the underground cavrens beneath todays New York .There is a prophecy that when planets are all allinged his Dark Spirit will be set free from Mirror Dimmensio when he destroys Pure stones then he will call upon his Ethos demon army.The Wizards of Yan gave there all power to seal this Evil in those stones by combing with there own powers but with sigils,spells of Immortals thus there decendants will repeat the Cycle so the Evil one never walks among the World or Holliday Worlds.His aperrance resembles that of Chatulu from Real Ghostbusters, but he has 4 claw- arms and 2 legs with poision spkiey tail and his skin is Red-Purple while his 2 eyes are Green -Black and he has around his head tentacles but also on his back 4 pair of bat wings. - His powers : - are that of a courroption, spiritual or astral shapeshifting,temptation and lightnning. - over the years he gained cults and worshipers who gave him sacrifaces and found out were his Frozen body was hidden undearneath New York in that exact place they bulid Free Mason Temple and in the center was the Red glowing meteorie from were Megalith emerged in the past when he came to Earth. - he can be destroyded by Excalibur wilded by Dragon King Damio,Spear of Triam,Mjolinr or combined powers of Holliday 7 leaders and Councile of Legendary Figures.He can still influance the magical beings,humans and monsters with his courropted powers to do his will, he is for now stil traped inside Mirrior Dimmension ( a place in Mirriors itself ) but his Dark Spirit can also posses if Holy sigils,spells that have hold his powers traped are now begining to slowly break thus means his Day of freedom is already

coming.And he and his demon Ethos army will spread darkness to all.He also had Dark Lord Dracula as his most trusted sevant who also tryed to free him from Mirrior dimmension but failed.

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