A Filthy Finale (Oogie Boogie's Song)Accordion PlayerBarrel
Barrel/GalleryBass PlayerBats
BehemothBig WitchBlack Cat
Bug armyCasino Clash (Oogie Boogie's Song)Catherine O'Hara
Chris SarandonChristmas TownClown
Collectors EditionCorey BurtonCorpse Dad
Corpse KidCorpse MomCouncile of Legendary Figures
CyclopsDanny ElfmanDeadly Nightshade
Dee Bradley BakerDenise Di NoviDevil
Disney crossy roadDr. FinkelsteinDr. Finkelstein/Gallery
Dr. Finklestein's SongEaster BunnyEd Ivory
ElvesFinale (Song)Finklestein's Lab
FrankensteinGate KeeperGhosts
Giant SnakeGlenn ShadixGraveyard
Grim ReaperHail to Mr. Oogie (Kidnap the Sandy Claws)Halloween Town
Halloween Town CentreHanging TreeHarlequin Demon
Haunted Mansion HolidayHenry SelickHinterlands
Holiday DoorsHoliday WorldIgor
Jack's HouseJack's Lament (Song)Jack's Obsession (Song)
Jack SkellingtonJack Skellington/GalleryJess Harnell
JewelKath SoucieKen Page
Kidnap The Sandy Claws (Song)Kingdom HeartsList of Actors
List of Cameos in Halloween and ChristmasLittle WitchLock
Lock/GalleryMainpageMaking Christmas (Song)
Man-Eating WreathMayor of Halloween TownMayor of Halloween Town/Gallery
Melting ManMovie MistakesMr. Hyde
Mrs. ClausMummyNarrator
Nightmare RevisitedOh No! (What's This?)Old Witch
Oogie's LairOogie's ManorOogie Boogie
Oogie Boogie's Song (Song)Oogie Boogie/GalleryOogie Boogie Shadow
Original Motion Picture SoundtrackPaul ReubensPick-ups
PoemPoor Jack (Song)Pumpkin King
Pumpkin PatchRatsSally
Sally's Song (Song)Sally/GallerySanta Claus
Saxophone PlayerScary TeddyShadows
ShockShock/GalleryShrunken Head
Skeletal ReindeerSkeletal RoosterSnake And Spider Stew
Soul RobberSpecial Edition DVDSpiral Hill
Spiral Hill (Finale)Spiral Hill (disambiguation)Take our Town Back (Making Christmas)
Thanksgiving DayThe Nightmare Before ChristmasThe Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie's Revenge
The Nightmare Before Christmas: The Pumpkin KingThe Nightmare Before Christmas (soundtrack)The Nightmare Before Christmas 3D Blu-ray
The Nightmare Before Christmas ScriptThe Nightmare Before Christmas WikiThe One Hiding Under The Stairs
The One Hiding Under Your BedThis is Halloween (song)Tim Burton
Touchstone PicturesTown HallTown Meeting (Song)
Toy DuckTreehouseTrick or Treat Sack
Trolls and GremlinsUndersea GalVampires
What's This? (song)William HickeyWinged Demon
Witch HazelWitches' ShopWolfman

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