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-_Krampus is mortal enemy of Santa Claus,instead like Santa who gives gifts he takes and punishes familys and children in Underworld who called upon him when they burn there wishes.He apears as formidable foe.He fought in the past with Santa but he lost he is most evil enemy of Santa.With his Dark Elf servants and minions he rides on his chariot pulled by Ram Goats and he takes bad and naughty children to Underworld sometime he takes intire village of Evil people and leaves sole childe survior as reminder that survior must never lose Christmas Spirit again. _Allide: he was righ Hand man and commander of Dark Lord Draculas army before his Master was banished and imprisond.He is also alie of Boogyman or Ogie villan of The Nigtmare before Christmas movie and in video game. _Aperrances:His intire body,hair,horns and his pants are white while he also wears dark red robe or cape with his primarly weapone is War Mace. _Location:He was previously resided in Halloween Town when Dark Lord Dracula ruled before Jack Skelleton came.Its unknown were is he know ,its belived that he is still in Underworld cavrens. -weaknness: his personal weaknness are unknown but beacuse he is Ancient Dark Spirit aka Demon he can be defeated by Holy weapone or Holy object. -Minions and Sevants: he has his Dark Elfs a tvisted evil version of Santas Good Elfs. _Tv shows live action or movie apreancess: He has apread in Krampus horror 2016 movie while also he has apread in Grimm tv series.But also its confirmd that he will be main Villan in The Santa Claus 4 Wrath of Krampus or Krampus case movie its not yet confirmd the date of movie but he can also apear in The Nightmare before Christmas 3 movie.

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