Harlequin Demon


Voice Actors

'Harlequin' Demon (voiced by Greg Proops) is a monster who has many sharp teeth and three purple and orange tentacles on his head. During the song This is Halloween (song) he is hiding in the trash can and in the center of town during the festivities that happened after the song. During the preparations for Christmas, he made hats made from dead rats and bats, Making Christmas (Song). He lastly appears at the end of the movie when all of the creatures are confused by the snow.


  • On the free online building game 'Roblox,' a hat entitled 'Halloween Monster' was released. It is essentially the Harlequin Demon's upper head, with the eyes and tentacles Nergal from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy Black Mutant Monster Demon Pain and Panic From Hercules Purple and Green.

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