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- Ghosts of Christmas Past,Present and Future only apear when on Christmas Eve to warn those who have behaved Evil and Wicked way of what awaits them.Ghost of christmas Past apears sometimes as Flying Candle ,while Ghost of Christmas present or Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come apears as an being with redish hair with Green clothes and robe,while Ghost of Christmas future apears as Grim Repear.This 3 ghost ech time they apear before Evil person they show him how he was in past,in present and what will happend in future if he dosent change his ways and acept Christmas Spirit in his hearth.Ghosts of Christmas Past and Christmas Present are sometimes seen in Councile of Legendary Figures and sometimes they come to Santa Claus in Christmas Town,while Ghost of Christmas Future of Grim repear is located in Underworld.They have apeard in past in London to Ebenezer Scrooge and in other home medias like cartoons,animaited or live action movies like :Christmas Carol 2007,Scrooge 1935,Muppet christmas Carol 1992 and Christmas Spirits or Ghosts 1988.

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