- Dark Lord Dracula is the Most Famous Monster in the World and most Ultimate Evil enemy and foe of Holliday 7 leaders and Councile of Legendary Figures, he is also

mortal l enemy of The Dragon King Damio who with Excalibur stabed him through his chest into his hearth and thus killed him,but his Dark Spirit still resides in his former Halloween Town Kingdom thats now ruled by Jack Skelleton.He is also creator of Vampier Species they are his children as they apear in Halloween Town scenes in movie.His Right Hand man is Krampus while he also has Dark Dragon as his servant and Boogyman. - Powers and Abilites: his primary powers are Shapeshifting into giant monstrous Bat,Dark magic,summoninig his Shadow and Oni demons,Darknnes manipulation and his Dark blade.Before his death and 10 years before the events of Movie he was Feared ruler and Ultimate Evl that has walked upon the World,he had his army of Goblins,Trolls and Ogers in Halloween Town and his generals and commanders : Dark Dragon and Krampus.He also had his Shadow and Oni demons.His goal was to congure all Holliday Worlds and other magical realms.But he was stoped in Great battle in wich The Dragon King Damio defeated him and killed him.

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