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Corpse Kid
The Corpse Kid is a citizen of Halloween Town, his parents being Corpse Dad & Corpse Mom. He is friend with Winged Demon and Mummy. Being dead, he has grey skin, and his eyes are sewn shut. He wears a black-and-white striped shirt, that resembles the one Pugsley, from The Addams Family, wore, and black shorts. He seems to have inherited his mother's weight. He wears a "kiddie collar" as seen when Jack returns from Christmas Town. Corpse Kid's name, as shown in the trading card series, is Ethan. He was voiced by Debi Durst.

The Pumpkin KingEdit

Lock, Shock and Barrel shove his head into a possesed pumpkin and Jack must cut the roots to save him. After which, he rewards Jack with some pumpkin bombs.

Oogie's RevengeEdit

He appears by the fountain after Jack defeats Oogie's Shadow. He asks Jack trivia questions about Halloween Town.


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