The Clown with the Tear-Away Face is a citizen of Halloween Town who can tear off his face revealing a hollow space behind. Always riding around on a unicycle, he is often seen with Behemoth. When he has his face on, his voice is high, but when he takes it off it is a deep scary voice. He can disappear in a cloud of smoke.

He is voiced by Danny Elfman in the movie and by Dee Bradley Baker in Oogie's Revenge.


He wears a red and orange propeller beanie, and has blue skin and lips, yellow eyes, a big red nose, and incredibly sharp teeth. The clown also wears a yellow and grey polka dotted shirt with orange and maroon striped sleeves and shorts. He wears a utility belt with a silver star buckle, holding a rubber chicken, a yo-yo, a whoopie cushion, and more things for practical joking. His unicycle is silver and his gigantic shoes are brown.


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