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Barrel is one of Oogie Boogie's trick-or-treating henchmen. Barrel is the smallest and youngest of of the trio; he is five years old and is dressed as a skeleton. Barrel has a sweet tooth and will do anything to fill it, mostly by stealing candy from others: even his co-workers. His favorite kind of candy is black lollipops with orange swirls. Danny Elfman provides both Barrel's speaking voice and his singing voice.


Barrel is five years old, Oogie's "star pupil," and considered the stupidest of the three troublemakers, despite his protests to the contrary. He is the butt of many jokes made by his friends/siblings but usually gets even through his own tricks at which he always gets away with. Barrel wears a skeleton costume and has deformed feet, but otherwise resembles a small human boy, albeit one with white skin, sunken eyes, and perfectly combed green hair. His face is round and has a perpetual grin, except when he is angry. Barrel is usually the pilot of the walking bathtub the trio use as transport. He also likes to eat pumpkins. Barrel is quick to stand up for either of his friends/siblings and may actually be just as, or maybe slightly more intelligent then Lock. He also unintentionally bothers Jack when asking him a number of annoying (and somewhat embarrassing) questions.


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